How do you drink Remy Martin?

When Remy Martin was first created, there was a ban on wine creators that only allowed them to create wine for themselves and for their close family. When the cognac was first created, it was delivered to the French king who enjoyed the drink so much that he allowed the creators to continue making the cognac despite the ban. A special permit was created specifically for Remy Martin.Remy Martin remained one of the top champagne and cognac brands throughout the remainder of the 18th and the entirety of the 19th century in France. It was enjoyed by royalty, celebrities and family members of the original creator of Remy Martin. In the mid 1800s, the fifth generation of the creator made an advanced version of the champagne that was intended to be a top shelf version of Remy Martin. It was later adopted as the official drink of the Remy Martin company. In 1910, Remy Martin began to expand to other countries including Russia, China and the United States. Source:

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