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How do you find Fresh Market stores?

If you aren’t within 60 miles of a Fresh Market store, the site displays a message stating that instead of providing nearby locations.The list of locations provides each store’s address and phone number. The site displays the locations on a map. Click on any location’s name on the list to bring up a closer view of that location on the map. Click on More Information under any store on the list to bring up that store’s page.If you place your cursor over Locations, a drop-down menu appears. You can select a store on the menu to bring up that store’s page directly, without going to the locations page first.Each store page includes that store’s hours, pharmacy hours and the pharmacy’s phone number. It also lists deals at that store and the store’s department experts. Each department expert has his name and experience level in years listed and, in some cases, a photo. Depending on the store, the department experts section may list a director, along with meat and produce experts. Source:

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