How do you make homemade wine?

You can make wine out of any sweet fruits and berries, but fruits other than grapes may need additional acid and tannin added. The type of fruit or grape is extremely important in how the wine turns out, as each type of fruit has its own sugar content and acidity. The types of grapes sold in stores may make the wine taste sharp or pungent, so it might be best to try other fruits for a homemade wine. Strawberry wine turns out well and forgives many mishaps that can occur during the process.The actual process of wine-making is complex, because you need certain tools, such as a hydrometer for producing the right amount of alcohol and a titration kit for controlling the acidity. The first step of the basic recipe is to process the fruit by cutting or mashing it. The second step is to mix the fruit in a vessel with water, sulfites, acid and tannin in proper proportion to the fruit amount. The third step is to add pectin and then wait 24 hours. After waiting, it is necessary to dilute what has become a liqueur with water and add yeast and sugar to it. The next step is to wait for the wine to ferment for five to eight weeks. During this time, you must filter the wine and transfer it to a secondary container. The wine is ready to drink after you’ve completed the process bottled the results. Source:

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