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How do you make kefir starter?

When making kefir from animal milk, such as cow or goat milk, reuse the grains as many times as desired to make additional batches of kefir. When making kefir from soy, coconut or other plant sources, discard the kefir grains when they loses their effectiveness, and use fresh grains to make the kefir.To make kefir from starter, pour the packet of starter into a 1 quart jar of milk, water or juice, and stir the mixture until the starter dissolves. Cover the jar loosely, and allow the kefir to ferment for 12 to 16 hours.Store the kefir in the refrigerator after it ferments, and use a small portion of the finished kefir to make the next batch. When the transferred kefir is no longer effective, use a fresh packet of starter. Source:

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