How do you make Lipton sun tea?

You can vary the amount of tea used to suit your taste, but one bag per quart of water generally works well. Leaving the tea out in the sun for the full five hours results in stronger tea, as does using more bags. As of 2015, Lipton make special cold-brew and sun tea bags, but bags designed for hot tea also work. Black tea is usually better for iced tea than other varieties.The tea container needs to be covered to prevent contamination and to help the tea brew properly. Mason jars and special sun tea pitchers are good choices, although you can use any glass container. If your container does not have a lid, simply cover it with plastic cling wrap. Plastic containers can be used as well, although they may affect the taste of the tea.Sun tea can also taste good when infused with optional ingredients. You can try adding fresh fruits, such as raspberries or lemons, or herbs, such as mint. Put these in at the beginning of the brewing process to get the most flavor from them. Artificial sweeteners and refined sugar can affect the way the tea brews, however, so do not add these until later. Source:

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