How do you make rhubarb crumble?

Rhubarb Crumble RecipeThis recipe was originally published on the Food Network website. The Food Network and reviewers rate the recipe as easy.Prep time: 15 minutesCook time: 45 minutesReady in: 1 hourIngredients:1 cup flour1/3 cup oats3/4 cup sugar1 pinch salt6 tablespoons butter, melted1/2 cup chopped hazelnuts2 pounds rhubarb, chopped1/3 cup sugar1/2 teaspoon vanilla1/2 teaspoon orange zest1/4 teaspoon saltMake the crumbleMix the first four ingredients together in a large bowl. Add the hazelnuts and melted butter. Hand mix the ingredients and form it into large clumps. Set aside or store in the freezer until needed.Prepare the ovenTurn on the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Mix the rhubarbMix the remaining ingredients together in a ceramic or glass baking dish. Add the crumbleSpread the crumble on top of the rhubarb mixture. Bake the crumbleBake the crumble for 45 minutes. Let it cool slightly before serving. Serve with whipped cream or ice cream.For an alternate version of this recipe, substitute some of the rhubarb for fresh strawberries. Some reviewers also substituted the hazelnuts for almonds. Source:

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