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How do you roast almonds?

When roasting almonds or any other tree nut in your oven, experiment with different roasting styles by altering the temperature of the oven, adjusting the cooking time and adding oil or spices to the almonds.While a 350-degree oven achieves an even toasting, slightly lower or higher temperatures provide different taste results. When looking for a subtler toasted flavor, opt for a lower temperature. For more robust flavors, a higher temperature is appropriate. Because every oven is different, experiment with small batches of almonds at first to determine the exact roasting time that works best for your taste preferences.Lastly, various oils can be used to coat your almonds prior to roasting. Adding oil adds moisture and an additional layer of subtle flavor to the almonds. The best oil types for coating roasted almonds are olive oils or nut oils. For an even stronger flavor, create a spice mix by mixing together your favorite spices and dried herbs. Toss the dry or oil-covered almonds with the spices before roasting. Source:

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