How do you smoke tuna fish?

To smoke tuna fish, first obtain several wood apple or cherry wood chunks. Cover the wood chunks in water, and soak them for a minimum of 30 minutes.While the wood chunks are soaking, place four 10-ounce tuna steaks in a heavy-duty, zippered-top bag. Mix water, coarse salt, brown sugar, five dried and crumbled bay leaves and 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. Pour the mixture over the tuna steaks in the bag. Seal the bag, and place the steaks to chill in the refrigerator for three hours. Turn the bag over every 45 minutes to distribute the flavors evenly.After the three hours, take the steaks out of the bag and pat them dry. Air dry them for at least 30 minutes on a rack, then brush them with olive oil, and pat pepper on each side.Prepare the smoker by burning charcoal for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove the wood chunks from the water, and place them on the hot charcoal. Add white wine and water to the smoker pan, and place the tuna on the smoker racks for three to four hours. Source:

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