How do you use wine?

Wines, in general, have a limited freshness window for drinking, as detailed on the health site Greatist. But even if an opened bottle of wine goes bad, it’s not necessary to toss it. Red wine can be made into a high-quality vinegar for salad dressing. It’s also good as a flavoring agent for gravies, sauces and soups, as well as baked goods.Bring wine out of the kitchen and it becomes even more versatile. Getting red wine stains out of fabric is almost impossible to do, which means it can also be used as dye. Ecosalon asserts that as long as there’s some flexibility in the desired color result, it could be worth the experiment. Wine’s alcohol content makes it an antibacterial agent good for cleaning vegetables, even effective against E.coli). Dry white wine can remove stains on non-granite kitchen countertops. Wine is even a popular beauty aid, with red wine used in Indian spa facials as a skin softener and conditioner. Source:

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