How healthy is Jasmine rice compared to white rice?

When cooked, jasmine rice provides 160 calories in three-quarters of a cup compared to 154 in standard white rice, but the lack of fat, low sodium and the amount of carbohydrates provided are practically identical.Jasmine rice is a particular type of long-grain white rice that is grown in Thailand. When cooked, it has a flowery smell that has led to its name, as well as nicknames such as scented rice or fragrant rice. It is very soft, white and bland after being cooked, and it provides a wonderful base for the spicy flavors of Oriental cooking.White rice is suitable for many types of dishes, including meatballs, rice puddings and soups. It also forms a nice base for Oriental dishes and is used in other ethnic fare, including Mexican and Indian.Because the nutritional differences are insignificant, choose between the two rice types based on personal preference rather than which is healthier. Source:

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