What are good sides for a pork roast?

When pairing pork with side dishes, cooks should find flavors and textures that either complement or contrast with the pork. Pork has an earthy sweetness that goes well with apples, so an apple dish, such as applesauce or baked apples, works well. Roasted sweet potatoes also make a good side, because they share a similar earthy sweetness to the pork. Butternut squash is another good choice.For pork roasts that tend to be fatty and soft, cooks may want something acidic and crunchy to provide textural contrasts to the pork. This makes the meal more interesting. Coleslaw with an acidic vinegar-based dressing can provide textural and flavor contrasts to the main dish.Pork roast also works with soft purees, which match the flavors in pork while providing a starchy component that soaks up the pork’s juices or holds gravy made from roast drippings. Mashed potatoes, yams or cauliflower serve this purpose very well and complement the pork nicely. Source:

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