What are the ingredients in skim milk?

Skim milk is milk that has been processed to contain less than 0.5% milkfat. Removing the fat content of the milk results in the loss of fat-soluble vitamins. In some skim milk brands, additional ingredients are added to replace the nutrients that were removed, and the product is often fortified with milk solids. Vitamin A and vitamin D are also sometimes added to skim milk. Skim milk may also contain additional ingredients for added nutritional value or to help digestion.Skim milk may also come in a low sodium variety where sodium is replaced with potassium. Flavored skim milk may also contain additional ingredients. Chocolate milk or buttermilk may come in what is labeled as a skim variety, and it is important to check the nutritional information to determine what may have been added to a particular variety.Milk marketed as lactose free contains additional enzymes to help aid digestion after consumption. Source:

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