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Where can you buy organic turkeys?

Certified organic turkeys must be raised naturally on land designated as organic by the federal government. Turkeys living on organic farms must eat feed that doesn’t include antibiotics or growth hormones. The grains that produce the turkeys’ poultry feed cannot be genetically modified or maintained using significant amounts of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. In addition, the USDA requires organically raised turkeys to have access to outdoor land so they can roam freely. This is why the term “free range” is used by some poultry producers.Organic free range turkeys are considered healthier for consumption than regular farm-raised turkeys. Organic turkeys are prized for their meatiness and lack of excess fat due to the additional exercise they get on the farm. It’s common for these turkeys to have a smaller breast and thicker thighs; they weigh anywhere from 12 to 28 pounds. A medium-sized whole turkey serves 10 people and a large turkey serves up to 20 people. Source:

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