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Causes Of Multiple Myeloma

Cancer… This condition is like a riddle with many faces that even the most advanced breakthroughs in medicine today can only find palliative cure to promote the quality of life of a cancer patient. Once you’ve got cancer, you’ll always have it in your blood, in your body. So it’s very important to get one or two steps ahead of the game and get to know what causes this infernal condition that claims countless lives every year.

One of the most uncommon yet popular type of cancer is the autoimmune plague called Multiple Myeloma. It is defined as a malignancy of plasma cells. These cells are produced in the bone marrow which is crucial for manufacturing antibodies, the body’s army of soldiers against infection. Multiple myeloma affects more elderly people than those under the age of thirty. Male individuals are more susceptible to the disease than females. Nobody knows what causes the plasma cells to multiply uncontrollably and develop into malignant tumors that impede the body’s production of antibodies.

Scientists and clinicians speculate on aging and genetics as predisposing factors to the disease, but until proven true, MM cancer patients can only hold on to hope for total eradication of the cancer cells at zero dark thirty. Lesions on the bones, especially on the skull, vertebral column, and pelvis can be observed through X-ray, as well as bone pain and breakdown.

The cancer cells that cause the disease, when they multiply and form several tumors that cling to the bone and marrow produce a certain type of protein that engulfs or eats the remaining healthy plasma cells, thus impeding the production of antibodies. Without these antibodies, the human body is very susceptible to even the slightest infection. It’s like undergoing radiation therapy where healthy and malignant cells are destroyed and you go weak and sick even before your first consultation with an oncologist.

If you suspect multiple myeloma for yourself, a loved one or a friend, waste no time and consult a doctor immediately. That way, you or your loved one can get the right intervention and you can still be able to improve the quality of life if the disease is found out in a more advanced state already.

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