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Common Colds Vs The Flu

Rainy season or no, common colds, flu, and other ailments that pertain to the upper respiratory system are very common among children and adults alike. They are caused by various types of viruses that with time, evolve into something more resistant to retro-viral drugs and stronger to stand whatever changes that the body undergoes. Most people can’t differentiate common colds from flu, and there are those who use the terms interchangeably. Not getting the terms right is one of the biggest reasons for worsening of symptoms, and taking the wrong medication especially for people who keep medicines for flu and common colds in bathroom cabinets. This article will help you draw out a thick red line between common colds and flu, differentiate each of the conditions, so you or your doctor can determine what medical intervention suits you best.

So first of all, flu is short for influenza, and it’s caused by a different type of Corona virus which also causes common colds. Flu causes a person to feel chills, headache, fever, body malaise, cough, a runny nose, muscle and joint pain, and the general feeling of being ill and in pain all over. It can last from a couple of days to a week, max. Common cold on the other hand is still caused by the Corona virus, but it is a more common and an easily curable type. This condition is characterized by sneezing, runny nose, drowsiness, sometimes there could be chills especially if the onset of colds goes in time with winter months, and secretion of mucus through the nose.

Common colds can be relieved by plenty of rest, drinking lots of fluids like soup, fruit juices, and water and lots of vitamin C. Often, common colds is just caused by a weakened immune system, so you will have to load up on more vitamin C to boost your body. Flu on the other hand calls for medication and plenty of rest and sleep, plus lots of warm blankets and frequent sponge baths to normalize body temperature. Unlike common colds, flu requires vaccination since its causative agent can cause other serious problems like immunosuppression and rave respiratory infection these vaccines are given in injection form and nasal spray. So the next time you feel that you caught a cold or have the flu, you’re ready to differentiate the two and apply the necessary interventions for each ailment.

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