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Having the flu is definitely not a Fourth of July picnic. You get to endure a runny nose, chills, body malaise, fever, maybe even sore throat, watery eyes, and the overall feeling of helplessness and being very ill. It’s a good thing that there are vaccines that are available for prevention of the condition in today’s world. Flu vaccines have become a beacon of hope, a source of relief especially for parents who only want to protect their children. So here are the basics on flu vaccines, and if you haven’t had one before, it would be nice to get acquainted with this medical breakthrough today.

So basically, flu vaccines have two types. One is the traditional flu shot which is made of a preparation of inactivated vaccine. It contains a flu virus that is not dead, but not active, more like in deep slumber. The inactive flu shot is administered through the muscle by a hypodermic needle. As long as the person to be vaccinated is of good health, it can be administered starting six months onwards. Once the vaccine solution reaches the bloodstream, it signals the immune system to produce antibodies that would engulf the ‘napping’ virus once it wakes up. The point is that the vaccine prepares the body for threats, like a kingdom would for a looming war. Savvy?

The second type of vaccine is the LAIV which stands for Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine. It is weakened virus introduced to the body via nasal spray. This type of vaccine should only be administered to healthy patients between 5 and 49 years of age. Physicians recommend regular annual flu vaccinations for maximum protection against the different varieties of flu. It takes at least two weeks for the body’s natural defenses to power up for combat so while they’re loading up guns and whetting their blades; the human body is at its weakest point. So during the course of two weeks after you received the flu shot, you may experience febrile days so it is best to stay away from heavily populated or polluted places in order to be safe from infection. So that’s it for flu vaccines. Stay happy and healthy no matter what season of the year!

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