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H1N1 Basics And Treatment

H1N1 is another term for a viral outbreak which claimed so many lives a few years ago, also termed swine flu because of its causative agent. The virus strain of the condition is commonly found in pigs; while other similar strains of the virus can also be found in birds, cattle, and humans. One of the gravest things about swine flu is that it doesn’t manifest signs or symptoms until later when the condition worsens. The good news is that the viral infection of the respiratory tract is preventable, provided of course that you take the right measures in order to not contract the virus that causes it. The condition is caused by airborne transmission of the swine flu virus.

Mode of transmission includes talking, coughing, spitting, and kissing. Eating of pork and pork products that come from countries with suspected swine flu outbreak is ruled out as a way for the virus to be transmitted from one person to another. The respiratory system is the body’s frontline for the disease, so patients first manifest flu-like symptoms like high-grade fever, chills, body malaise, hacking cough and sore throat. Eating animal products from suspected countries with swine flu outbreak don’t usually cause the disease, unless the animal died from the flu itself or the meat is not cooked properly. As for the medications, the two most popular and most prescribed medicines for H1N1 infection is Tamiflu and Relenza.

These medications cut the onset of symptoms from a week down to just a couple of days. But bear in mind that these medications are for easing the discomforts caused about by the flu. They do not kill the virus, but retro-viral drugs do. Although retro-viral drugs are only given to patients who don’t respond to Tamiflu or Relenza following a viral laboratory test. As long as it’s not yet too late, there is still hope for you or your loved one to get well from the swine flu. There are medications and preventive measures that you can make use of. More importantly, you have to build your resistance from infection and boost your immune defenses in order to combat not only against swine flu but from other infections as well.

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