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Pneumonia Signs And Symptoms

Pneumonia in its strictest sense is termed as infection of one or both lungs which is characterized by inflammation of the pulmonary tissues. The diseases can either be acute or chronic and it affects people from all age groups. The cardinal signs of pneumonia include frequent chest pain, difficulty of breathing, and productive cough. The good news is that the infectious condition can be prevented, but of course there are several predisposing factors that heighten the risk of a person to pneumonia. The disease has various types, including viral, bacterial, aspiration and walking pneumonia or Mycoplasma. The viral type is caused by viruses that are badly in need of a host in order to survive.

Bacterial pneumonia comes from gram-positive or negative bacteria which can be acquired from droplet or airborne transmission of the causative agent. On the other hand, aspiration pneumonia is more common in infants and young children especially when they choke on milk, fluids, or small parts of objects which then causes the lungs to get inflamed. Walking pneumonia is known to be a silent killer since the person who has it wouldn’t be aware that he’s suffering from the condition until it’s a little too late.

In general, pneumonia is characterized by productive or non-productive cough which can last from a week to even a month as the worst. Fever may be present most of the time and can be accompanied by chills, general feeling of body malaise, joint and muscle pain, and difficulty of breathing. Sputum may vary in color and appearance from one type of causative agent to another. Rust or burnt orange-colored sputum is indicative of gram-positive bacteria, greenish to yellowish means that the patient has gram-negative lung infection while the presence of pinkish frothy sputum is a cardinal sign of pulmonary edema. So all in all those are the signs and symptoms of pneumonia that you need to watch out for.

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