Anxiety And Depression

Anxiety and depression, unlike what most people think are two totally different psychological disturbances. People may tend to interchange or confuse the two terms, so it might be good to differentiate one from the other. To feel anxious or depressed every once in a while for an apparent reason is normal, but prolonged anxiety or depression can indicate underlying psychological problems that may lead to other complications that can affect not just the human psyche but the body as well. Anxiety is basically defined as having that general, overwhelming feeling of an all-time low, accompanied by morbidly negative thoughts. The anxious person may feel worried, threatened, or hopeless. He may feel like he’s shanghaied away from his comfort zone by a factor that threatens to make him lose his cool.

He imagines or expects a threat to be true and that he may lose a limb or his life if that happens. Depression on the other hand is associated with feeling negative about life events. It’s like the world is a sad, lonely, bleak place and there’s just nothing they can do about it. Some people may confuse laziness with depression, and they’ll never realize that they have the condition already until it’s too late.

Anxiety is more on the psychological side of life, wherein the anxious person just tends to be a constant worrywart. It’s normal especially if that person has experienced or had been in a situation which endangered his life and he wouldn’t want that situation to happen to him again. Depression is mainly caused by imbalances or shifts in certain substances in the brain that’s responsible for regulating a person’s mood. These substances include dopamine, serotonin, etc. There are medications that are especially manufactured and prescribed to treat chronic depression and other mood disorders like mania. Anxiety on the other hand can be managed through relaxation techniques, ensuring the anxious individual that everything is going to be alright, deep-breathing exercises, and if all else fail, tranquilizers. So there you have it, anxiety and depression uniquely defined.

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