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How To Stay Heart Healthy

Heart disease is something that you may inherit because it’s been in your bloodline for generations, congenital if it developed in utero, or acquired because of your lifestyle. But regardless if you have any of the three categories of heart disease, the most important thing that you have to work hard on right now is how to live with a healthy heart. Your ticker may have anomalies or defects but those conditions shouldn’t stop you from living life to the fullest and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Here are simple, easy-to-follow guidelines on how to stay heart-healthy. With a few changes and a little bit of sacrifice if you’re leading a sedentary lifestyle at present, you can make a difference in your heart and body’s overall wellness.

1. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, cut down on caffeine and incorporate more whole grained-goodness to your diet
2. Fiber or roughage may just facilitate waste elimination through the bowels but it also prevents constipation that could cause you to strain.
3. Fish and other organic foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids helps in keeping your ticker healthy
4. If possible, try to cut down on trans fat-rich food consumption. These food items include deep-fried fast-food, canned and frozen meat, even donuts and some bagels too
5. Reduce your salt intake. There are people who train their taste buds to wean themselves from a high-sodium diet. Your kidneys will thank you for that big step
6. Quit smoking. You can’t do that in the blink of an eye especially when you’ve been smoking for more than a decade but try to cut back on cigarettes gradually until you can no longer stand even the thought of lighting one.
7. Try exercising for a change. If you’ve been a perennial couch potato, set your new goals straight and try taking long walks as part of your afternoon constitutional. You can also sign up for yoga class and dance workout groups if you love dancing. Exercise strengthens and revs up the capacity of the heart to pump blood and power up the entire body.

It’s not too late to revert from your old, unhealthy ways if you have them. And if you already have heart conditions but you’ve been living a healthy lifestyle from the start, just keep going.

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