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5 Tips to Avoid Buying Fake Olive Oil

There are many extra virgin olive oils out there that are downright frauds. In fact, the majority of olive oils on your supermarket shelf don’t deserve the title of “extra virgin.” It’s no secret what a beneficial food olive oil is with its healthy fats and supremely high quantities of natural antioxidants. But, many extra-virgin olive […]

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Olive oil is very important to most of us. We quite often rush to the supermarket to get virgin olive oil, but studies have shown that most of these oils may not actually deserve to be called “virgin” because they’ve undergone various kinds of “contamination” in the process of refining them to meet supermarket standards. The benefits of olive oil are quite plenty; we all use them for one reason or the other. But getting pure, original virgin olive oil is not quite an easy task. Here are a few factors that can guide you through the buying process if you ever want to get good olive oil.


The price of the oil could be a major determinant of the quality of oil you buy. Cheaper oils are more likely not original and virgin as they are purported to be. It is always great to know that you can save a few dollars on olive oil, but buying a 500mL bottle of olive oil for $10 or less may be problematic. Many of such cheap products may have been tampered with to enhance profit. There is no guarantee that the more expensive ones are necessarily original, but they chances are greater than those whose prices are too cheap to be good.


It is not recommended to buy olive oil that has been packaged in a plastic bottle. Experts say you should never; absolutely never try it because of issues like oxidation, BPAs and rancidity. Olive oil ought to be store in tinted glass to reduce the chances of oxidation when exposed to harsh sunlight. If you find olive oil in a plastic bottle when going for a buy therefore, DO NOT buy it. It will not be worth your cash.


One very important aspect about you should note about olive oils if you are going for a purchase is the harvest date. Virgin oil is best within 2 years of its harvest. If you can’t get that information, check it’s best before date. It should not be older than12 to 18 months


The Origin of olive oil is important. Californian varieties seem to be best at the moment


It is quite easy to know from its taste if olive oil is good or not. Make use of this feature and do not buy the oil if you suspect it to be of poor quality.

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