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Closing your eyes boosts memory recall, new study finds

Further evidence has been found to suggest that eyewitnesses to crimes remember more accurate details when they close their eyes. The team also discovered that building a rapport with witnesses also helped them to remember more.

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Have you ever tried closing your eyes to remember something? You probably have!!! It has already been established that people get to remember certain things when they take out time to think. Now a study says the rate of remembrance steps up significantly if the person closes his or her eyes. The particular case mentioned in this study is witnesses to crime scenes. The study also found out that people building up rapports with witnesses are more likely to remember more.

Some 178 people participated in two studies for this report. Participants first watched a film depicting an electrician getting into a building, executing some jobs and then stealing items. Each of the participants was then randomly assigned one of four conditions; they close their eyes, open it, build up a rapport with the interviewer or not. They were then asked a series of questions about the film. Questions like ‘what was written on the front of the van?’

The results seemed quite conclusive; participants who closed their eyes answered 23 per cent more of the questions correctly. When it came to building a rapport, the number of correct answers they gave also increased.

For the second experiment, the memory task was taken a little further. Witnesses were asked about things they had heard, as well as things they had seen. This time around, the participants watched a clip from Crimewatch, showing a reconstruction of a burglary. In this case, it was an elderly man being attacked in his home. The result of the study proved the same thing; those who closed their eyes to answer questions could recall both audio and visual details, both when they had built rapport and when they had not.

In both experiments, participants who did not build a rapport felt uncomfortable when they closed their eyes. This was however the exact opposite for those who built a rapport. They were rather comfortable closing their eyes.

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