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Scientists find how cancers can evade treatment

An unexpected observation has been made by a researcher while studying the locations inside cells where EGFR (epidermal growth factor receptor) can be found. His subsequent investigation revealed how some cancers evade clinical drugs: by sneaking through the cellular back door. Cancer cells are able to use the inactive EGFR form to thrive, the scientist reports.

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No one ever likes to hear that he or she has cancer. That can be such devastating news that even the “strongest” people on earth will probably not be able to support. Cancer has no real permanent solution. Cancer treatments generally calm down the pain from the disease, and in some cases, try to prevent the condition from spreading to other parts of the body. But even this too is not quite effective because in a new study, scientists have found out that cancers may sometimes evade treatment. The good news though is that they’ve had an idea of how this happens and this can open up avenues to help solve the problem.

The unexpected discovery was made by researchers as they studied the locations inside cells. This is where EGFRs (epidermal growth factor receptor) can be found. They further investigated the issue and found out how some cancers evade clinical drugs. The finding shows that they do this by sneaking through the “cellular back door”. Cancer drugs as at this moment are meant to keep cancer cells at bay by preventing their growth, survival and spread. But after clinical trials for this study, scientists have been scratching their heads and drug developers have been watching their investments succumb to cancer

The drugs had actually worked like they were meant to; shut down the cellular dock on which the cancerous cells thrive, but they failed to stop the cancer itself in many patients.

The findings of this study suggest one thing; that to stop cancer, the original drugs developed to inactivate EGFR could be combined with drugs that block autophagy. This will be able to deliver a one-two punch that seals the front and back doors. Only then will cancers not be able to sneak their way to other parts of the body.

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