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How do wine-making kits work?

Wine making kits vary greatly. Expensive kits may contain juice from grapes and premeasured additives, while less expensive kits may include concentrated juice and require the user to add his own additives and water when making wine.Expert wine makers may choose to add additional steps or vary techniques when using the kit, but most manufacturers build wine kits that create a foolproof final product.Some wine kits may also call for fining the wine. While some wine kits contain tannins and oak chips that already refine the wine, some wines, especially white wines, benefit from this extra step. The kit should include instructions and a fining agent, such as bentonite. Without included fining agents, people should do trials with small amounts of wine until they find the fining agents that they prefer.Some wine kits may not ask for filtering, but filtering can improve the stability and final quality of the wine. To filter wine, the user must rent or purchase a filtration unit; kits do not include these devices. Source:

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