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How do you decorate a cake with Wilton supplies?

Wilton offers several styles of decorating bags and tips, and aspiring cake decorators can learn which bag is appropriate to use with certain tips. The company also demonstrates how to choose the right decorating tips to make decorative designs such as basket weaves, shell borders and flowers. Wilton also demonstrates how to use its coupler attachment, which makes it easy to change decorator tips without changing the bag. To avoid putting too much or too little, icing in a bag, it is wise to read the information regarding the amount of icing to put into a bag.Wilton includes several tips for decorating cakes with buttercream and fondant frosting, and each type of frosting requires a different technique. For instance, there is a correct way to hold the bag while applying the right amount of pressure to dispense buttercream frosting onto a cake. The section on fondant cake decorating techniques is helpful to cake bakers interested in learning how to create intricate shapes and other decorative touches. Source:

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