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How do you get food delivered to your home?

Yelp is a great online resource for obtaining information on local restaurants. Restaurants can use Yelp to share hours, location, menus and delivery options. Yelp is a crowd-sourced review website; beyond business information, you can access reviews of other customers' experiences with the restaurant. Yelp allows people to rate the restaurant, share pictures and write extensive reviews of their experiences.Grocery delivery services are more widely available in large urban areas around the United States. The Schwan Food Company has operated since 1952, and it is the largest at-home delivery service of frozen food. The Schwan Food Company developed many well-known brands, including Red Baron and Tony’s, whose pizzas you can now find in grocery stores across the nation.In a few select areas, has started delivering fresh food options. As of April 2015, it currently limits this service to the greater Seattle area and Northern and Southern California. Local farms and farmers markets are the most widespread options for fresh produce delivery. You can find this information on your local farm or city’s website, but it is not available everywhere. Source:

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