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How does Zaycon deliver fresh food for less?

Zaycon can reduce the cost of the produce that it purchases by utilizing the negotiation power it receives through pooling the funds of multiple customer families. The company purchases products directly from either a farm or a processor. It claims that its products are nearly as fresh as produce farmed at a personal farm. The company's per-case product packaging also helps its reduce costs by eliminating handling fees.Zaycon's product inventory is focused on healthy and high-quality food, including fresh meats such as turkey, pork, fish, beef and chicken. Zaycon customers must pick up their orders at sales event locations. These locations are typically located near the customers' homes. Customers must bring their Zaycon order confirmations.As of 2015, Zaycon operates over 1,200 sales event locations and is able to serve a large customer base around the United States. Customers who are not near a Zaycon location can contact the company for expansion into their areas. Source:

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