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What are some good ideas for kids’ lunches?

Wraps might consist of slices of home-cooked chicken or beef with cheese, lettuce and tomato or the same meats and grated cheeses with chopped cabbage, pico de gallo and taco seasoning and bits of mango or pineapple wrapped in a tortilla. Chicken salad can pack a serving of fruits and vegetables when the chef adds chopped celery, onion, apple pieces and grapes. Shredded chicken or pork mixed with grated carrots in barbecue sauce is another nutritious sandwich filler. Thermoses can hold soups, casseroles or a turkey chili with beans, onions, peppers, tomatoes and cheese.Broccoli slaw, carrot-pineapple-raisin salad, potato salad with other veggies added make good side salads. Clementines fit into small hands and are easy to peel. Grapes and berries are usually popular. Hummus, yogurt-based dips and soy-peanut butter dips can motivate kids to eat sliced veggies and fruits. Good desserts include popcorn, oatmeal-berry squares, and a chocolate-covered cereal, pretzel and nut mix. Source:

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