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What grocery stores deliver in the New York City area?

Zeytuna Market also delivers groceries in the New York City area. It delivers specifically to ZIP codes 10004, 10005, 10006, 10007, 10038, 10048 and 10041. Shoppers can select from grocery items such as fresh produce, frozen food, cookies and wafers, crackers, and dairy products.Organic Direct is another store that delivers grocery items in New York City. People can input their ZIP codes to get more information regarding the time slots for grocery delivery in their area. Organic Direct sells bakery items, frozen foods, baby items, health and beauty, and meat items. All of its items are also offers very inexpensive grocery delivery in New York City. This service is available to Amazon's Prime members, who pay an annual membership fee of $99 and receive delivery discounts in return. As of 2015, the Amazon Prime grocery delivery service is available for customers who reside in Seattle, Philadelphia, New York City or in select parts of California. Source:

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