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What is a good recipe for white hot chocolate?

When preparing white hot chocolate, choose a quality white chocolate bar with a high percentage of cocoa butter. High-quality white chocolate generally has at least 33 percent cocoa butter, which gives it more of a true chocolate flavor. Chop the 12 ounces of white chocolate into coarse chunks, and place inside a large, heatproof bowl.Stir the milk and heavy cream constantly over medium heat to prevent it from boiling over. Remove the mixture from the heat as soon as bubbles start to form around the edges of the saucepan. Stir constantly as you pour it over the white chocolate chunks until the chocolate melts. Add the vanilla, and continue stirring until the white hot chocolate is slightly foamy.Ladle the white hot chocolate into mugs and serve immediately. Optional garnishes include whipped cream, milk chocolate shavings or a peppermint stick. You can also enhance your white hot chocolate with additional flavors, such as pumpkin puree, matcha green tea, coconut rum and caramel. Source:

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