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What is a good smoked fish recipe?

When preparing the salmon, make sure that all bones are removed. If salmon is not preferable, consider substituting trout, mackerel or bluefish instead. Lay down an extra-long piece of aluminum foil with an equally long piece of plastic wrap atop it, then mix the sugars, salt and pepper in a bowl. Coat the top of the plastic wrap with one-third of the mixture, then lay one side of salmon on top, dusting the fish with another third of the mixture. Now, lay the other side of salmon on top the previous one, and dust it with the remaining mixture. Wrap the fish tightly in foil, then place it between two sheet pans, the top one weighed down with bricks or telephone books.Allow the fish to sit in refrigerator for 12 hours, then flip it over, and refrigerate another 12 hours. When unwrapping the fish, wash off the cure with cold water and pat flesh with paper towel. Allow the fish to dry for between one to three hours, depending on local humidity. Smoke the fish until the interior temperature of the thickest portion achieves 150 degrees Fahrenheit. You can then either serve the fish immediately, or save for up to three additional days in the refrigerator. Source:

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