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What is a simple lemon icebox pie recipe?

With the pie base taking the hard work out of the icebox pie, making the filling is simply a case of following the instructions below:Allow the cream cheese to reach room temperature.Cold cream cheese will not mix well, so leave the pack to slowly warm to room temperature before combining the ingredients. While it is warming, remove the zest of one lemon, and squeeze half a cup of lemon juice.Mix ingredientsOnce the cream cheese is warmed, add it to a mixer, along with the lemon juice, lemon zest, and a teaspoon or two or vanilla extract (a single vanilla pod can also be used). Mix until the mixture is silky and smooth, and then carefully spoon into the premade pie base, using a spatula or spoon to smooth and even out the surface so it is level. place in the fridge and leave overnight to set.ServingOnce set, slice and serve with fresh fruit and a dusting of icing sugar. Source:

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