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Osteoarthritis Treatments

Osteoarthritis is the inflammation of the joints of the bony prominences. Most of the time, the affected parts of the body include the fingers, wrists, elbows, and knees. The joints on the extremities carry the most weight and are always used for pushing, pulling, etc. Osteoarthritis is typical in the elderly since it’s caused by use and disuse of the joints. But just because you’re still in your early forties doesn’t mean you’re not at risk for getting the condition. Those people who engage in professional sports, overweight, or those who had joint injuries that takes a while to heal are all predisposed to having osteoarthritis later in life. So you may want to watch out for these factors.

In general, there is still no cure for osteoarthritis. But here’s a little bit of good news, you can definitely manage to improve the quality of your life even if you have the condition. The following simple treatment tips can definitely save you from further discomfort and somehow alleviate pain that osteoarthritis brings.

Treatments for osteoarthritis include surgical intervention, medication therapy, and of course non-invasive treatments that also include alternative modalities. Depending on your needs and unique condition, your doctor will have to construct a treatment and care plan that will suit you best.

First off, the non-surgical treatments are all about topical medications, creams, ointments, and gels. They contain aloe, peppermint, yarrow, or chili pepper extract. These plant-origin extracts are known to ease the pain caused about by the disease. Ever forget that these non-invasive topical treatments are used as adjunct to the main meds therapy. They are not a stand-alone scheme.

Because osteoarthritis is all about pain, not being able to move freely and discomfort during motion, one alternative modality stands out from the rest because it helps to lower pain threshold. Acupuncture which makes use of needles pricked at key areas of the body has the ability to cut back pain, thereby promoting comfort for the patient. You may want to try one of these treatment remedies for osteoarthritis and more.

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