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Tips For Living With Osteoarthritis

For those people who suffer from arthritis, they’d tell you that it’s definitely a pain on the derriere. No one wants to endure the pain and discomfort of inflamed joints. These junctions of bones enable the body to move, so imagine how people with osteoarthritis feel. Movement limitation is inconvenient especially if you have been living a previously active lifestyle: you move around, exercise everyday and you can’t tolerate a sedentary routine.

But even if you’re feeling pain from inflamed joints right now, that’s not an excuse to live a normal life with osteoarthritis. If you have limited movement, which wouldn’t be a normal thing, at least you get to improve the quality of your life and live it to the fullest that your joints can manage. Osteoarthritis in general is caused by years and years of use and disuse of the joints. The fingers, wrists, knees, and even the elbows are usually the ones that are often affected. Since it’s caused by wear and tear, naturally, arthritis is a typical condition of middle-age people and the elderly in general.

At present, there is still no sure cure for osteoarthritis, although there are medications that help to alleviate the pain of the disease. But that fact shouldn’t stop you from making the best out of your life. Right? So here are some tips that you could try about dealing with osteoarthritis while still managing a normal life.

Heat or cold packs help to reduce the pain, alternate their application for joint stiffness especially in the morning. Try to not overexert your muscles, quit straining. For overweight people, gradual weight loss until the desired weight for height and age is achieved. Remember, weight can add more strain to your already stiff and painful joints. You can definitely do exercise as long as you’re not bedridden or hooked to life support. Low impact aerobics, and light exercises will do, and do it regularly.

Always take your medication on time, especially if it’s cold outside. And of course, if all else fail, use a wheelchair or a cane so you don’t have to exert too much effort to walk and go from one place to another.

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