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Breakdown Of Bone Causes

There are many factors that contribute to gradual bone breakdown which affect people starting in their late forties to sixties. One of the conditions that eventually end up in total bone breakdown is osteoporosis. This condition causes bones to grow brittle and weak. Bones ravaged by osteoporosis become so brittle that even coughing or simply bending over can cause fracture. The spine, hip, long bones, and the wrists are just some of the parts of the body that is usually affected by osteoporosis.

Bone, in its strictest sense is a living tissue. Its building blocks are constantly replaced and absorbed. Bone breakdown occurs when the regeneration of new bone cells is slower than the time it takes to reabsorb old bone. Middle-aged men and women of various races are susceptible to bone breakdown, but more Caucasian and Asian women suffer from the condition especially those who just got past menopause.

Some of the risk factors that cause bone breakdown include smoking, excessive alcohol or caffeine intake, hormonal imbalance, menopause, and fracture. Smoking, caffeine and alcohol intake impairs calcium synthesis. Most people who drink a lot of coffee and caffeinated soft drinks don’t usually drink milk. They may take calcium supplements but even that can’t be enough.

Menopause is also one common cause of bone breakdown. You see, when a woman is near the end of her child-bearing years, thus menopause, her body lessens the production of estrogen which plays a big role in keeping the bones strong and healthy. Fractures of one of the long bones, hips, wrists, and spine can also cause bone breakdown because these structures are very prone to blows, bumps, and blunt force. They may have the ability to repair themselves but if there’s not enough calcium supply in the body to keep up with replacing old bone cells, a simple fracture can definitely lead to bone breakdown.

Bone breakdown is not preventable, it can happen anytime. That’s the body for you. But you a shot at silver lining by improving the quality of life and delay the condition as much as possible. Live healthy.

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