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Excessive Bleeding Causes

bleedingBleeding from a wound is normal for a little while until it clots, but if you’re prone to constant bruising and excessive bleeding with even the smallest of bumps and cuts, then you may have a bleeding disorder. This condition is when the body’s clotting system is incapable of regulating or halting blood flow to any body part when it should be doing that function. The gums and nose are two of the body parts that are most susceptible to bleeding. Constant spotting in between periods and menstruation in excessive amounts can also signal a bleeding condition.

There are a number of reasons why excessive bleeding occurs. Fear of blood loss is something that most people get squeamish just thinking about it, so know your facts straight and right. Basically, there are two main triggering factors for excessive bleeding tendencies. You can either have a genetic condition and it can be caused by an autoimmune response or the excessive use of blood thinners like aspirin, liver disease, Vit K deficiency, and low platelet count.

For the genetically acquired bleeding disorders, there’s hemophilia A, B, and von Willebrand disease. These conditions occur in the absence of a clotting factor in an individual’s blood, thus causes easy bruising and bleeding. Hemophilia can also be caused by the body’s autoimmune response or the excessive production of antibodies, or the absence of a platelet protein that binds blood cells for better clotting performance.

People who are taking aspirin, anticoagulants, blood thinners, and other medications that inhibit blood clotting are also susceptible to excessive bleeding tendencies. Women who experience this condition during their child-bearing years may have hormonal imbalances that trigger constant spotting in between menses.

Talk to your doctor if you always suffer from nose bleeding, spotting, easy bruising and other similar conditions. There’s nothing better than letting a medical professional take a look at your unique condition. That way you get to steer clear of self-medication and stay closer to proper medical treatment.

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