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Signs Of Bone Cancer

Cancer can be an apparent condition that shows signs in its early stages, or it can be a silent killer, gradually ridding the body of its healthy functioning. Bone cancer, or a rare malignancy that starts in a bone is one type of cancer that shows obvious signs of progression. Bone cancer should not be confused with other malignancies that start from other parts of the body and metastasizes in the bone. For instance, leukemia and cancers that start in the bone marrow belong to blood cell cancer groups.

This condition usually affects the extremities of the body, this includes long bones that make up the arms and legs. Young children, individuals in the middle age group, and the elderly at the most common people who are very susceptible to bone cancer.

Signs and symptoms of bone cancer is similar to that of fractures, osteoporosis or bone breakdown, fat emboli, anorexia, nutrient deficiencies, and other types of cancer. These signs and symptoms include brittle bones, or those bones that are easily fractured, and constant bone pain of unknown origin. Other signs may include occasional swelling and tenderness especially in the joints; although you still need to consult further with your doctor as this might be confused with arthritis. Fatigue, and unintended weight loss even if you live a healthy, active lifestyle can also be indicative of the malignancy. Stunted growth in children ages 4-7 is also apparent, fatigue, loss of appetite, a wound that won’t heal, and gradual muscle wasting can also be observed.

If you suspect malignancy with the following signs and symptoms stated about, never hesitate to consult with your doctor. Have yourself, your loved one, or your child checked thoroughly in order to rule out the disease if possible. Blood works, biopsy which involves aspiration of bone marrow sample, MRI, CT scan, and bone scan may be done if your doctor suspects a malignancy.

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