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Treatments For Multiple Myeloma

Multiple myeloma is one of the most common types of cancer that affect more than 100,000 people every year for the last decade. It’s an autoimmune form of malignancy that was once considered as incurable and its complications to the immune system of the body leaves irreversible damage. So much for multiple myeloma being an incurable and inevitable disease, because there is one form of treatment that has relieved patients of the complications of this type of cancer and enabled them to improve the quality of life.

The Arkansas Treatment is considered to be the shining beacon of hope for those suffering from multiple myeloma. This treatment method makes use of various types of drugs during the chemotherapy, afterwards, an autologous stem cell transplant is performed to replace the damaged immune defense system of the body. The main goal of the Arkansas treatment is to steer the patient clear of infection during its course, and restore the immune system’s integrity to fight off infection during palliative or rehab care. Before Arkansas treatment became popular, chemotherapy for multiple myeloma used drugs that would kill not only cancer cells but some of the body’s healthy cells as well. Because the body is ill at the time of the chemotherapy, it cannot hastily replenish those healthy cells that are eradicated by the drugs, thus exposing the body to various types of infection.

But the Arkansas treatment uses oral drugs that fight cancer, called thalidomides; along with other IV-infused chemotherapy drugs like doxorubicin, cyclophosphamide, cisplatin, and dexamethasone. Aside from the chemo cocktail, the patient is also given antibiotics to ward off infection during the therapy, anti-emetic drugs, and steroid-based pain killers.

This unique, safe and effective and definitely popular treatment for multiple myeloma may take a few weeks to months, some patients may experience hair loss, muscle wasting, and other side effects of chemotherapy drugs, but many patients who underwent the therapy in the past have reported more than 50% recovery rate.

So don’t forget to talk to your doctor about this type of treatment. It has been in the medical field for quite a while, might as well check it out along with other new breakthroughs for cancer treatment.

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