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How To Prevent Pneumonia

Before the advent of oral and intravenous medications for pneumonia, the disease that causes the lungs to get inflamed because of infection is considered to be a horrible plague. It kills so many people every year. But ever since antibiotics were invented, treatment of pneumonia became as easy as treating the simplest of flu. Even with this medical breakthrough, there are patients that still succumb to the disease, mostly because they don’t know how to steer clear of it.

The first step toward preventing the onset of pneumonia is to know how it develops and what element causes it. Bacteria, viruses that cause influenza and irritating chemicals are examples of these causes. So you may want to build up and strengthen your resistance from infection no matter what season. Try not to expose yourself to harmful irritants like cotton fibers, silica dust, and other industrial-grade toxic substances.

Proper hand-washing is considered to be the universal precaution for infection control, but if you’re traveling, stock up on antibacterial wipes or sanitizer so you’ll be germ-free all the time. You never know when you’ll get skin contact with a person who just coughed or sneezed in his hand. Chances are, influenza virus and bacteria that causes pneumonia may be present in door knobs, hand rails, glass panes, and other surfaces that most people would touch. Take enough vitamin C everyday to ward off infection and build your resistance. A 500-mg Vitamin C supplement everyday is enough to boost your immune system.

And of course, avoid, curb, or stop smoking. Nicotine and other toxic substances found in cigarettes and tobacco pose greater dangers than acquiring germs in your system. They can cause the airway to constrict. These irritants found in cigarettes paralyze and eventually kill the linings of the windpipe, thereby impairs the filtering mechanism of the respiratory tract from these chemicals. So live healthy, know more about the disease and stay ahead of the game at all times.

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