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Living With COPD

When confronted with a life-changing experience like an irreversible disease such as COPD, how does a person usually react to it? First off, he may enter into a state of shock, denial, anger, and all through those mixed emotions. Who wouldn’t? After all, COPD is incurable, and it inflicts irreversible damage not just to the lungs but to the other parts of the body as well.

Here’s a little bit of good news. When you have COPD and you are not bedridden and your life doesn’t depend on tubes hooked to your body, then there’s still hope for you. This hope works in the sense that you can still improve the quality of your life and perhaps even add more years to it.

So, are you up and up on making a few, major lifestyle changes for your own good? If yes, then read along and see for yourself how you can move mountains with quitting and improving your lifestyle habits.

In order to curb the detrimental effects of COPD, you have to give up smoking. If you’re a long-term chain smoker, it is best to try and cutback on your nicotine consumption per day. Quitting smoking takes time, so try to be a little more patient and optimistic about changing your smoker’s lifestyle. For some smokers, they have to slowly let go of caffeine in order to quit the habit. This is a giant leap for those who have been chain smokers for more than twenty years.

Learning about one’s diagnosis of COPD is already too much stress to handle for just one person, so is the treatment course. But you can definitely reduce stress by staying away from those things and thoughts that definitely stress you out. There are COPD patients who would join a speaking group in order to voice out their thoughts, sentiments or frustrations. It’s a great help actually.

Aside from quitting smoking and thinking only positive thoughts, most COPD patients would devise a daily to-do list so they’ll save energy since the disease can exhaust them even just little exertions. The disease feeds on calories, so they keep activities as simple as possible.

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