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Dry Mouth Meanings

No one loves having a dry mouth, and it doesn’t only happen after a long night of drinking and partying. Having that feeling like you’ve been munching on cotton balls and saw dust can be an indication of an underlying oral or health problem. Find out more about the meanings of dry mouth in the following article and how you can prevent or remedy the discomfort. The medical term for dry mouth is xerostomia and it is mainly caused by stress, dehydration, nutrient deficiency, alcohol or smoking. Having a dry mouth once in a while may be normal, but if it happens more often than when you change clothes, then you need to seek medical intervention soon.

Basically, saliva keeps the acid from food in the mouth on a neutral, non-erosive level. It also helps in the mechanical and chemical breakdown of food, and it mixes with other enzymes that facilitate proper food breakdown. The mouth is highly at risk for bacterial or fungal infections without saliva. Xerostomia is also characterized by a parched feeling on especially on the throat, dry, chapped lips, and the tongue feels coarse and parched as well. It is usually accompanied by bad breath too, so most people who complain of having a dry mouth always stash or suck on hard candy and bring with them a bottle of juice or water just to take away that uncomfortable parched feeling from time to time. Apparently having a dry mouth is caused by medication side effects, complications of diabetes, cancer, nerve damage, frequent alcohol consumption, and smoking.

Chewing tobacco and consumption of nicotine substitutes can also contribute to xerostomia. Usage of mouth rinses with alcohol also causes the problem so you may want to do away with mouthwash that leaves a cool yet stinging feeling. So consult with your doctor to remedy the discomforts brought about by having a dry mouth. You would want your condition to be diagnosed properly in order to get the right medication and intervention, right? So go ahead, and live a healthier lifestyle from now on.

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