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Diabetes Treatments

Diabetes is one of the most common and dreaded metabolic diseases that affect not just obese adults and elderly people. It is often termed as a silent killer because a diabetic individual may not even know that he has metabolic problems until it’s a little too late. Diabetes is the result of abnormal elevated levels of sugar or glucose in the blood because of the inability of the pancreas to break down the sugar. In the modern world, there are three identified most common types of diabetes. There’s type 1 or the insulin-dependent diabetes, type 2 that’s non-insulin dependent, and gestational diabetes which only affects pregnant women and disappears after childbirth.

If you have diabetes, don’t lose hope too soon now. There are treatment methods that you could use in order to avoid the complications of having abnormally low or high blood sugar. Here are some of the treatment methods and lifestyle changes that you can undertake especially if you’ve been living a sedentary, couch potato habit without exercise. For type-2 diabetes, the condition may call for oral hypoglycemic agents to minimize the complications, these maintenance medications should be taken regularly. Type 1 diabetes call for a regular insulin pump or pen to reinforce production of insulin for proper sugar breakdown. For most diabetics, hypoglycemia seems to be a usual problem, so to prevent this from happening, it’s imperative that you take small frequent, nutritionally balanced meals all throughout the day. You can’t rely on heavy breakfast or overeating during lunch. Stocking up on whole wheat crackers, freshly squeezed fruit juices, slices of fruits, high-fiber goodies and protein-packed snacks are good meal ideas.

You can also suck on plain hard candy for those sudden all-time sugar lows. Try to stay away from foods that have complex sugars in it like cookies or cupcakes and pastries in order to relieve the hunger pangs. They may take some time to break down and actually relieve hypoglycemia. A big gulp of fruit juice can also help, but make sure to eat small frequent meals instead of three heavy ones in one day. Exercise is very important, but try not to overdo your workout. A 30-minute brisk walk every afternoon is fine, and you can also do yoga for relaxation. If you smoke, now’s the best time to minimize nicotine or totally quit the habit. So that’s it for diabetic treatments. Aside from medications, be sure to live a healthy, happy lifestyle.

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