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Symptoms Of Diabetes

diabetesSo you suspect that you have diabetes but you’re still not that worked up and ready to go to the doctor for proper assessment and confirmation. That’s fine, as long as you recognize the symptoms real soon and you don’t get yourself in harm’s way by passing out in public because of low blood sugar. Anyway, diabetes in general is defined as the inability of the body to breakdown and process ingested sugar. What good is sugar if you can’t use it for energy? It is important that the pancreas should be able to produce cells and enzymes to break down sugar, otherwise it ends up in the bloodstream and cause complications to the rest of the body. A simple blood sugar level test can tell you if you are at risk or you actually have diabetes. It involves testing a drop of blood for sugar levels.

Normal sugar level readings usually range from 72-126 mg/dl. If the body fails to keep blood sugar levels within these limits, then you may definitely have diabetes. Other symptoms of DM or diabetes mellitus include frequent thirst even if you keep on drinking fluids all throughout the day. Unless you’re having a big bout of diarrhea, this shouldn’t always be the case. Frequent urination is another symptom to be watched out for carefully. Diabetics may wake up in the middle of the night to pee, and sometimes urine exhibits a syrupy consistency. This happens because excess sugar in the blood gets into the urine most of the time.

And of course there’s weight loss, lack of energy, and for the extremities, the occasional tingling sensation especially on the toes of the feet because of diabetic neuropathy. There are diabetics who even experience blurred vision, and high risk for infection. Elevated sugar levels may also cause wounds especially on the feet to heal slowly or not at all. So watch out for these cardinal signs of diabetes. Make sure to write down the symptoms that you may experience and talk to your doctor.

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