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Causes Of Neuropathy

Nerves allow the body to feel temperature, texture, pressure, and pain. They facilitate sensation, sight, taste, hearing, and smell. Without proper nerve functioning, you won’t be able to feel the extreme heat of open fire or the stinging pain of a cut. The nerves are essential for the human body’s optimum functioning. But sometimes, there are factors that cause nerve impairment. This is called neuropathy. The condition is defined as a very serious medical complication of another disease or disorder, and it is characterized by nerve impairment. The condition is recognizable because excruciating pain is felt upon application of gentle pressure on the affected limb of the body. There may be damaged nerves on the concerned part, which causes so much pain that can cripple an individual.

The following article will discuss the causes of neuropathy in general, to clear away the cobwebs of doubt especially for people who are suffering from the discomfort that it brings. So neuropathy is mainly caused by disturbances or malfunction in the nervous system. There are diseases like diabetes mellitus, cancer, and myasthenia gravis that contribute to the painful condition. Insufficient blood and oxygen supply to the affected limbs or nerve framework cause neuropathy. For others, it may be a complication of a rare autoimmune or congenital disorder. But in general, most diabetic patients suffer from neuropathy because of the lack of blood supply especially to the lower extremities due to constricting blood vessels and the increased viscosity of the blood from the elevated levels of glucose in it.

The condition may feel as though you’ve stepped on pins and needles, a tingling sensation that isn’t so cumbersome at first, and then aggravates as time goes by. The discomfort worsens in cold weather, so it’s best to bundle up appropriately during the winter season if you have neuropathy. Vitamin B 12 is important to curb the effects of the discomfort. Eat healthy, live healthy. Neuropathy of any origin is irreversible, but you can alleviate the discomforts that it brings with a healthy lifestyle and palliative care.

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