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Dizziness And My Health

Ever wonder why you feel dizzy and have this looming tendency to faint for no apparent reasons? Then read along and find answers to why dizziness seem play a very inconvenient role in your supposedly smooth-sailing everyday lifestyle.

Apparently, there are three reasons why most people experience dizziness. It is uncomfortable, disturbing, and definitely cumbersome especially when you’re in a public place or you have to face people. Know the reasons why dizziness occur, and sure enough, you’ll come up with treatment measures in order to prevent the condition before you fall back and faint.

First of all, chronic fatigue, occasional dizziness, and constant feeling of exhaustion can indicate a more serious problem, for instance; chemical imbalance in the body. For instance, women of child-bearing years may feel dizziness some time during their menstrual cycle. This happens especially to those who have diagnosed hormonal imbalance. Others attribute it to painful menstruation or dysmenorrheal. Pain caused by cramping can cause dizziness and even fainting especially if the person suffering from the discomfort has low tolerance for pain.

Upper respiratory infectious diseases such as mononucleosis, influenza, pneumonia, tracheobronchitis, tonsillitis, and laryngitis can also trigger dizziness. Infection impairs the body’s immune defenses. Microorganisms that cause the infection feed on calories, thereby ridding the body of the nutrients, sugar, and energy to fuel its functions.

Lastly, heavy metal and carbon monoxide poisoning, and lack of oxygen can also leave you leaving light-headed and dizzy. Safeguard your home from lead paint, and corrosive heavy metals such as mercury. Try not to stay in an idle, closed car for more than an hour. Carbon monoxide poisoning does not only cause dizziness but it inflicts irreversible damage to the lungs, and central nervous system. Since carbon monoxide penetrates the blood-brain barrier easily, it can impair proper brain functioning.

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