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Psoriasis Basics

psoriasis skinWhen it comes to autoimmune skin diseases, psoriasis is by far the most common among the conditions. The disease causes discomfort and visible symptoms to the skin and joints, bringing about a dry, reddish, and scaly appearance especially to the limbs and the trunk. These scaly prominences first start as patches and then develop into the cardinal sign of psoriasis, the psoriatic patch. There is skin shedding all the time, and in large amounts, plus the skin feels stinging and inflamed. Later on, these scaly patches become white, brittle, and dry. The areas that are always affected with the scaly patch are the elbows and the knees.

There are those who have psoriasis that affect them on parts where shedding of skin is very cumbersome like the genital area, the groin, and the scalp. Sometimes, shedding of skin on the scalp happens before anywhere else in the body, that’s why some patients mistake the shedding on the scalp for dandruff until it’s a little too late. Bear in mind that psoriasis differs hugely from eczema, in which case the latter affects the extensor part of the joint. Psoriasis is very cumbersome and if it’s a person, it’s a stubborn one because it persists and no amount of lotion application can relieve the dryness and scaly discomfort. The unfortunate thing about psoriasis is that it’s genetic in origin and you can’t just do anything to prevent its onset. But of course there are medications and topical unguents available for relief of symptoms.

Corticosteroids are to reverse the effects of immunosuppression, and lotions alleviate the dryness and the shedding of the skin. Reinforce hydration by drinking lots of fluids, and staying away from nicotine will do a lot of help. And then there’s curbing alcohol consumption since the condition is autoimmune by nature, you’re taking medications which might interfere with your treatment regimen if you take alcohol. So consult your doctor for more information about psoriasis.

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