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32 Reasons Cats Are Born Yoga Masters

We tend to think that the term “downward dog” was a misnomer. As it turns out cats, not dogs, are the true yoga masters of the animal kingdom. Need proof? As these 32 photos show, felines' inner peace, superb flexibility, and endless patience make them natural-born yogis. 1. They are naturally limber and bendy. CREDIT: […] …read more

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Cats are cute animals that most people want to keep at home as their pets, but did you know if cats are born yoga masters? These days, yoga is very popular among us because this method can help people to be better in controlling their inner peace and it also helps to keep us healthy. Moreover, yoga is considered as a method that can help people to lose weight. The facts about “cats are born yoga masters” are about their flexibility and endless patience. Cats are naturally limber and bendy, it is noticeable through their postures when they are sleeping or just when they are awake. Besides that, the cats are masters of the leg high and they are able to sleep with twist pose and relax pose. It is impressive to notice that cats are able to do yoga-like movements in everything they do because they already learn the movements since their early ages.

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