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5 Common Yoga Mistakes to Avoid

During my 15 years of teaching yoga, I have noticed some common mistakes that counter the benefits of yoga and can be downright dangerous. These problem-habits, such as forgetting to breathe, can sometimes reflect and reinforce how we live our daily life. If we rush through life, forgetting to take time to breathe, we will […]

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We all know what yoga is and we have probably tried it at some point. Many of us however get into the practice without fully understand the tricks involved in order to get it right. Some of these mistakes can out rightly counteract the benefits we get from yoga. Let’s look at some of them;

Focusing too much on the perfect pose

Some of us try hard, but cannot get the exact posture of our instructor or others around us. That doesn’t mean that we are getting our yoga practice all wrong. In yoga, there is no such thing as a perfect pose. You make your pose perfect by paying attention to the shape and actions of your instructor, and then following them in the best way you ever can.

Forgetting to breathe

Some people think that you have to stop breathing when you are doing yoga. Some others just don’t follow the right breathing pattern. It always said that in yoga, straining your breathing patterns means, you are pushing yourself too far. As long as you can practice the poses with a natural easy breath, you are probably not overexerting yourself.

Pushing yourself too hard, too quickly

This is another important aspect to watch out for. It is normal to want to go faster when you start practicing yoga. Do everything possible to gently lean into it, but don’t push it… When you push your body a little too much, you can scare it and your body will react by tightening up more. If this happens you will likely become less flexible and this will of course not be pleasant for you. You may also injure yourself by pushing too hard.

Skipping the warm up

Never start practicing without a warm up. Warming up introduces your body gently to the practice. You can warm up in different ways; easy exercises, increased circulation, etc. Organize your practice by doing the more simple poses first and then slowly building to the more advanced poses. This will reduce the chance of you over stretching as your body will already be prepared.

Skipping the cool down or relaxation

Relaxation after yoga is very important because it helps you to balance the exercise you just carried out. This is done through counter poses; softening what you have tried to strengthen and bringing back stability to the areas you loosened.

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