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5 Healthy Living Tips from a Turtle

My friend's desert tortoise, Tucker, has been in her family for 42 years and is likely close to 100 years old. Watching him move around his domain in the backyard, and hearing stories about him, made me realize there are many life lessons that I have learned from him. Here are a few of them […] …read more

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Turtles are by far some of the world’s most timid creatures. They also have quite a long lifespan which makes them all the more spectacular. On the surface, a turtle may look adorable, slow, wrinkled, heavy, and very timid. Unlike cats and dogs, they have no fur, no wagging tails, and quite very low-maintenance. These may not be the qualities that most people want in a pet, but a turtle has a million and one things to teach you about life and living it to the fullest. If you look closely, turtles are slow, careful creatures. They walk around with their tough shell and would look at you with those beady eyes. Every move is slow and sure. If these reptiles can talk, they’ll probably tell you to slow down because life’s too short for rushing things up and not savoring the best moments. They sleep, eat, and crawl all the time but what they can really teach us is that, albeit you work hard to give yourself and your family a better, still, a fast-paced life shouldn’t stop you from taking a break from time to time, slow down, say a little prayer, and smell the flowers.

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