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Do You Have These Signs of Sleep Apnea?

I snore. Not low, sweet, purring snores. Rather, booming, quacking, jetliner-approaching-the-runway snores; and my husband has the tape to prove it. So after years of his nagging, I saw a sleep specialist to determine if sleep apnea was causing my nighttime racket. About 18 million Americans suffer sleep apnea, where they involuntarily and intermittently stop […] …read more

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Sleep apnea is defined as disruption of respiration caused obstruction of the airway which occurs when a person is asleep. It can be caused by the tongue blocking the airway when a person is lying down, or obstruction of the airway due to phlegm, the trachea, the larynx, etc. There are times when a person’s apneustic center which is located on the brain stem fails to send signals to the body to continue breathing even during sleep. People who are suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, smokers, and those who suffer from acute infections of the respiratory system such as pneumonia can also have sleep apnea. You may want to seek consultation from your physician when you already show or observe signs of having sleep apnea. Snoring is one of the cardinal signs of having sleep apnea. Some people can even wake up with a start with a light-headed sensation and throbbing of the temples because of stoppage of respiration.

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